Shattering Glass Ceilings One Business Workshop at a Time

We have exciting news to report from central Uganda: the members of the Shanti Women’s Income Generating Group are well on their way to successful business formation!

The first phase of our business training program was completed last week with the help of Ocakacon Lawrence, a business trainer from Start and Improve Your Business Uganda (SIYB). The topics of discussion during this first

Ocakacon Lawrence presents to the group

phase included business planning, market research, record keeping and profit forecasting. Through group work, question and answer sessions and role playing, the members learned a variety of important concepts and are well-equipped to move onto phase two. Also, I’m proud to share that we had a 97% attendance rate!

After the training period, I met with the women to discuss their overall opinions of this first phase; they gave nothing but positive feedback. Many of them had never practiced detailed record-keeping or costing, so eyes were opened and repertoires were expanded! Importantly, they mentioned that these first lessons will be invaluable as they begin working on their own business plans.  

A common demonstration of appreciation in Uganda is a quick hand-clapping sequence that ends with “Asante sana!,” or “Thank you!” in Kiswahili. This gesture was shared many times over. Needless to say, they were extremely grateful for this experience.

We are moving onto phase two which will include vocational training in a variety of subject areas including tailoring, shoe-making and pig rearing. Each individual member will decide which trainings she would like to attend so the path forward will be individualized to fit the desires of each person. While attending these trainings, the members will also work individually with the interpreter and I to create functional business plans which will guide them as they continue on their journey.

As this first phase comes to an end, the WIGG members and I would like to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to everyone who has joined us through monetary and moral support. Thanks to you, many families, children and communities will have a more stable way forward. This program will help send kids to school, will allow members to create sustainable plans for future generations and will provide hope and inspiration to the entire community.

Weebale Nyo, Nyo, Nyo

(Thank you very, very much!!!)

To support more business training for our WIGG group, please see our Global Giving page.

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