Shanti Uganda and Budondo Intercultural Center Join Forces!

Dear Friends of Shanti Uganda,

For the last 11 years, Shanti Uganda has been reducing preventable maternal mortality in Uganda using our unique collaborative care model. Our programs have contributed to the health and well-being of women, mothers, babies and families, and changed the face of maternal health in a country where 16 mothers die every day giving birth due to preventable causes. Through your support, the dedicated staff at Shanti Uganda’s Birth House facilitated:

  • 1,644 births supported by skilled midwives
  • 15,652 pre & postnatal visits
  • 9,507 HIV & STI tests
  • 12,887 infant immunizations
  • ZERO maternal deaths

These numbers are truly outstanding and they could not have been accomplished without your loyal support throughout the journey.

Ugandan Leadership Goal:

Since day one, our organization has focused on respectful, community-based programming and out ultimate goal has always been to transition to local Ugandan leadership. In 2017, we launched a renewed strategic plan with a heightened focus on working to achieve this goal. For the last few years, we have been working towards this goal through a gradual transition towards increased management of our Birth House by our Ugandan staff and a strengthening of our local partnerships in Uganda.

We are thrilled to announce that Shanti Uganda is joining forces with our friends at the Budondo Intercultural Center (BIC) to combine our successful programs under one umbrella organization and expand our collective impact. The Shanti Uganda Birth House and its associated programs will continue to grow under the capable, local leadership of BIC. 

About the Budondo Intercultural Center:

Similar to Shanti Uganda’s humble beginnings, BIC began as a Women’s Collective and has since added a maternity center that offers maternal and child health services, a community outreach program that focuses on the intersection of population, environment, and health, and a sustainable development department that cultivates the funding necessary to carry out its activities. A family run Ugandan community-based organization (CBO) committed to maternal and child health, BIC will continue to operate the Shanti Uganda Birth House as one of their maternal and child health programs. The Birth House will be run by Shanti Uganda’s existing staff under the leadership of BIC. While Shanti Uganda will no longer operate as a Canadian charity, this ensures that our Birth House and Ugandan staff will carry on and continue to grow as a local Ugandan organization.

We Need Your Help:

We need your support during this transition towards Ugandan leadership! Currently 100% of BIC’s operating costs are covered by their own income-generating activities. Their goal is to continue on this path towards increased financial sustainability, and in order to maintain the integrity of the services offered at the Shanti Uganda Birth House as a BIC program, our goal is to raise $55,000 to help BIC cover the first year of increased operational and staff costs. They will be taking over July 2019 and we need your support to allow for a strong transition as they work towards their goal of maintaining 100% financial sustainability.

And here’s the best part: Until June 15th, one of Shanti Uganda’s long-time supporters will be matching all donations up to $25,000 CND. Every dollar YOU donate will double the impact! 

For Canadian donors, donate here and for U.S. donors, donate here to make a meaningful donation to allow the Shanti Uganda Birth House to continue saving lives and improving maternal health throughout Uganda under the leadership of the Budondo Intercultural Center.

This partnership between Shanti Uganda and the Budondo Intercultural Center is much more than a joining of organizations; together we are merging our shared values, dedicated team members, and commitments to maternal and child health in Uganda. Thank you for your support to date and for joining us with our goal of raising $55,000. We can’t do it without you!

In gratitude,

Connie Chong

Board Chair, The Shanti Uganda Society


Ugandan Leadership Goal

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