Join Shanti Uganda in Celebrating #MothersMonth

By May 11th, midwives at the Shanti Uganda Birth Centre in Luwero will have safely and lovingly supported nearly 500 mothers give birth to healthy babies. In a country that loses 16 mothers everyday due to preventable birth related complications that is an achievement worth celebrating. In admiration of all our courageous mothers, Shanti Uganda declares May, #MothersMonth! And we want you to join us!

In honour of #MothersMonth, we are challenging you to use your voice during the month of May to inspire your friends and family to work with us to create better birthing conditions and in turn, save lives. Support #MothersMonth by:

  • Following our #MothersMonth campaign on Facebook and Twitter
  • Becoming a Birth Partner. The Shanti Uganda Birth Partner program is a monthly donation that is used to provide consistent care to expectant mothers and their babies in rural Uganda throughout pregnancy and birth. You will receive a photo card and a small gift handmade by moms in Uganda. In honour of your mother, become a Birth Partner this year and we will paint her name on the wall of our Birth House postnatal room. This sacred room is where every mother and baby spend precious hours together forming the inseparable bond that can only exist between a mother and her child.
  • Buying a gift. All jewelry and bags are handmade by, and support, mothers in Uganda.
  • Uploading the #MothersMonth Profile Picture to their Facebook page and help spread awareness by sharing a link to Shanti Ugandamothersmonth-fbpropic

Please join us during #MothersMonth and together let’s work towards a world where every birthing mother has the care and support she needs and deserves.

Read why one women is inspired to become a Shanti Uganda Birth Partner.  


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