Support a mom and Host a Shanti Party Today!

Changing Lives, One Mother at a Time

Join the Shanti Party host community, make a difference in an easy, fun and rewarding way!

Hosting a Shanti Uganda Home Party is a wonderful way to help contribute to improving the lives of the communities we work with in Uganda at no cost to you.  100% of the proceeds go towards our project.  Hosts are an integral part of our fundraising effort to improve the lives of mothers and grandmothers living with HIV/AIDS, improve infant and maternal health and support teen girls.



Party Sales Rewards:

  • $250 and up Your choice of one jewellery piece
  • $500 and up Your choice of any bag
  • Sign up a guest to host a Party $20 Shanti Dollars for the original host and $20 for the new host
  • Sign up 2 guests to host a Party $50 Shanti Dollars for the original host and $20 for the new host

The First Step

Complete the online registration form to request your Shanti Party package. A Shanti representative will be in touch with you within 1 week to confirm the details.  We recommend that you register a minimum of three in advance to ensure you receive your package in time.


Your Shanti Party Package will contain:

  • Shanti Uganda flyers
  • Biographies of the women in our income generating group (via email)
  • Sales tracking sheet (via email)
  • Price cards (via email)
  • Shanti Uganda video
  • Story book (via email)
  • A variety of Shanti Uganda jewelry and bags depending on the size of your party:
    • Small (approx. 85 pieces for 1-15 guests)
    • Medium (approx. 180 pieces for 15-30 guests)
    • Large (approx. 360 pieces for 30 guests of more)


You’ve set the date, registered and now you’re ready to invite friends. Send an email invitation to your family and friends, print a poster to display at your school or workplace, or make it an event on Facebook! Include information about Shanti Uganda on your invitation, and let your guests know that unique jewellery and bags will be available for purchase at your party. Remind them to bring cash or cheques, and their shopping list!


There’s really no right or wrong way to display your Shanti products. You can spice up an old table with nice fabric, cover over-turned bowls with cloth to create depth, use wine glasses to display earrings and coat racks to display bags – the possibilities are endless!

 Some other creative ideas you may wish to use for your party include:

  • Placing African musical instruments around the room
  • Compiling a Ugandan playlist on your iTunes
  •  Setting up a computer with the Shanti Uganda website
  • Look into some typical Ugandan dishes to serve to guests

After you’ve set up, set our your sales tracking sheet and prepare your float so you are ready to track sales and receive cash.


Package any unsold items and ship along with a cheque for any sales along with the completed sales tracking sheet to:

The Shanti Uganda Society
#16-306 Abbott St.
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2K9

Send any questions to Please compile all cash and send as one cheque along with any other cheques that were used to pay. Please note, the Shanti Party host is responsible for paying the cost of return shipping.


Because we will be sending you a large amount of product on consignment, we need to have a valid credit card number on file. A Shanti Uganda representative will contact you to obtain this information. Your card will not be charged unless unsold items and monies are not returned to Shanti Uganda after your party. You are responsible for all of the items shipped to you, including lost or stolen items.  A 3rd party collections agency may be used to collect the unreturned product and/or monies.


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