Fuel your Passion- Join Shanti Uganda’s 2014 Doula/Midwifery Training

Written by a midwifery student who participated in Shanti Uganda’s Doula Training in 2013.  

I was one of the very fortunate women to travel to Shanti last October with Jane and I cannot express in words how transformative, humbling, and amazing the trip was. When I first learned about the trip my heart almost leapt out of my chest because I knew it was the opportunity I had been longing for, but being a new midwifery student in a single income home I felt that my dream of traveling to Africa would never happen. For over a month I talked to Jane and drilled her with questions, worked calculations, and childcare arrangements and ultimately decided that I would try to go “next year”.


Then one day I realized that there may not be a next year. Life changes and next year isn’t promised for what I felt was a once in a lifetime trip so I saved every penny I had left over each month, I fundraised, and I unashamedly solicited friends and family members for funds, and although I was cutting it close I had enough to go! I assure you this isn’t a sales pitch  but after leaving Uganda and all of the wonderful women and children I met in there I left a part of my heart in Uganda and I would love for others who too are passionate about maternal and infant health to experience what I did so that it can not only fuel your passion for change but ignite an explosion for change!

Learn more about our 2014 Doula Training in October visit  http://shantiuganda.org/get-involved/doula-training/.

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  1. I am interested in learning more about your doula program. I am a DONA certified doula, since 1999, and am very interested to hear more about the opportunities to provide doula services in Uganda and how the program works (costs, timing, additional training required, etc.)

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