Are you planning a renovation project on your property? Have you heard of party wall surveyors and are you thinking of hiring one? You’ve come to the right place! In this article we will discuss what a party wall surveyor is and why it is important to hire one. We will also tell you about their services and even give you an estimate party wall surveyor cost for your project.

What is a party wall surveyor?

A party wall surveyor is a specialist professional who works with homeowners, owners of neighbouring properties, builders, architects and other professionals during the construction process. The role of a party wall surveyor is to help ensure that any plans or alterations to shared walls between two properties do not adversely affect either side by acting as an impartial advisor between all parties involved.

Why hire a party wall surveyor?

There are many benefits to employing a qualified and experienced party wall surveyor, including

  • They can assess whether building work requires planning permission from the local authority, or the consent of adjoining neighbours;
  • They can certify that proposed building work complies with boundary legislation;
  • They can check whether existing walls need to be reinforced before new partitions are built;
  • They can issue notices under the Party Wall etc Act 1996 – ensuring that all parties are aware of their legal rights;
  • They can advise on appropriate methods of resolving disputes over boundary issues or rights of access across neighbouring land.

What services do party wall surveyors provide?

Party wall surveyors typically provide a range of services including

  •  Assessing structural stability & seismic performance;
  • Drafting agreements & contracts;
  • Negotiating settlements between landowners & tenants;
  • Enforcing compliance with legislation & regulations; – Advising on dispute resolution where necessary.

How much does a party wall survey cost?

The cost of employing a party wall surveyor will depend on a number of factors including the size and complexity of your project, the type of service required (e.g. simple notice giving or more extensive steps), location and the experience/qualifications of the surveyor. Typically, most projects will cost between £300 and £1,000 +VAT for each notice issued (covering both sides). There may also be additional costs for carrying out measurements or more detailed work such as negotiation or mediation if this becomes necessary as a result of disputes between parties to the project.

What qualifications should you look for in a party wall surveyor?

It’s important to ensure that all potential candidates have appropriate qualifications relevant to their profession and experience of successfully managing similar projects to guarantee satisfactory results. Ideally, they should be members of professional bodies such as the Royal Institution Of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) or the Faculty Of Building Or Construction Law And Practice (FBCLP). This ensures that they adhere to industry standards when carrying out surveys and providing advice throughout the process – giving you peace of mind that everything is done correctly as they work within the strict guidelines set by governing bodies such as RICS & FBCLP.

Benefits of working with experienced professionals

There are many benefits to using an experienced professional to deal with your property’s boundary issues, such as helping to avoid costly mistakes while ensuring legal requirements are met, so that everyone involved feels safe in the knowledge that their rights are protected at all times, at every stage from inception to completion – minimising any risks associated with this particular aspect of construction projects, which could otherwise lead to financial losses down the line due to time delays caused by lengthy dispute resolution procedures involving lawyers etc. It also offers the peace of mind of knowing that someone reliable has been engaged who understands the nuances associated with specific types of surveying, making them better equipped to deal with complex situations quickly, efficiently and to achieve favourable outcomes, benefiting all parties involved without compromising the quality of the end results delivered, the desired timeframe, the budget constraints imposed and the original pre-agreed terms between the stakeholders involved.


By now you should have learnt enough about why it’s important to employ a qualified party wall surveyor when undertaking renovations to your property, what services they provide, how much it might cost and what qualifications they should possess. Taking into account all the information provided above, we hope you found our article helpful in assisting the decision making process, enabling successful completion of the chosen project, desire expectations, be sure to contact local experts today, get started!

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