Becoming a Birth Partner

Published with permission from Birth Partner, Cathy Rose

DSCN0994I have just signed up to be a birth partner.  I am doing this to honour my mother, Adelia Rose, who spent her entire working life providing postnatal care at St. Mary’s Hospital in Kitchener, Ontario.  It was her calling.  My mother was great at her vocation. People used to tell me how wonderful she was to them while in hospital and how encouraging she was to new mothers.  She is the reason I do what I do — I’ve been a nurse in Nunavut for almost 30 years working in remote Inuit communities where there are no physicians.  Among other things, we provide all the prenatal and postpartum care for our women with a few deliveries from time to time as well. Most women are flown to Iqaluit, the capital city, to deliver in the small hospital there — I am a big supporter of community birthing, but we are a long medevac flight away from help here if things don’t go as anticipated so home or community birth just isn’t the best option for us at present.

Because I know how difficult it can be to undertake deliveries without the safety net of a hospital to hand, I so appreciate the work of Shanti Uganda.  I know my mother would be thrilled to be a part of it too.  She was from an earlier time and knew very well the hardships that many of us have long forgotten or never experienced … things like lack of access to family planning for one.

Her only granddaughter named her daughter after her, and it would make us very happy to have her name painted on the wall of the postnatal room at Shanti Uganda.


I would love to get a photo of my mother’s name on that wall so that I can show it to my great niece when I tell her about her great-grandmother and why I decided that this is the best possible way to honour the woman she was.

To learn how you can become a monthly donor  and help us work towards a world where every birthing mother has the care and support she needs and deserves, visit our Birth Partners page today.  For as little as $10 a month you can make a difference in the lives of mothers and babies in Uganda.

If we hope to create
a non-violent world,
where respect and kindness
replace fear and hatred…We must begin with
how we treat each other
at the beginning of life.

 For that is where
our deepest patterns are set.

From these roots
grow fear and alienation
~ or love and trust.  Suzanne Arms 

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