Becoming a Birth Partner

Published with the permission from Birth Partner, Nicolette JacobszIMG_0219


I am so glad I can be of some help to moms in Uganda. I am from South Africa originally, trained there as a physician but followed my husband to Canada 3 years ago. A friend of mine had a beautiful yoga mat bag from Shanti Uganda and I was so drawn to the beautiful colours of the fabric as well as knowing that the bags provided some employment for woman in Africa. I bought 2 bags at that time.

I am now pregnant myself and attend a midwifery clinic, a wonderful experience here with a planned home birth. I have read so many beautiful birth stories and decided I would try and make a birth safe for a mom in Uganda just as my birth will be safe. My mom passed away a year ago on Mother’s Day, and I know she would want us to celebrate Mother’s Day by giving to others.


Thank you for all your amazing work with the beautiful, colourful and inspirational woman of Africa.



Kind regards,


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