The Power of Yoga

may 22 (42 of 42) (1)Things are always abuzz at Shanti in May: a large part of which is because of our Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat! Our latest retreat took place from May 10-May 19, 2016: our retreat-goers came together for a ten-day program where they were immersed in the prenatal experience.  Surrounded by the beautiful atmosphere of Shanti Maternity and Learning Centre, this experience provided in-depth training in anatomy & physiology. It also included teaching techniques for every trimester, yoga philosophy as it relates to pregnancy and a lot of opportunity to develop confidence teaching pregnant women. After 40 incredible hours, the women are now certified as prenatal yoga teachers.

Prenatal yoga is a healthy practice to take up during pregnancy. The following are three ways in which this practice is helping the birth mothers here at Shanti, to feel great physically and mentally during their exciting 9 months.

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1. It Can Improve and Maintain the Well-Being of Both Mom and Baby

A 2012 study published in the medical journal Preventive Medicine, found that prenatal yoga can prevent complications during pregnancy. It was shown that pregnant women who participated in yoga for one hour, three times a week, were at a lower risk of high blood pressure, pregnancy-related diabetes and low birthweight babies.

2. It Helps Mothers Prepare for Labor

Prenatal yoga improves breathing, stamina and strength, all important aspects of labor. If practiced and enhanced during pregnancy, mothers can be better prepared for the childbirth process.

3. It Can Improve a Mother’s Overall health

7.20 (7 of 19)Practicing yoga during pregnancy can keep stress levels low, improve sleep, and can decrease nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome and headaches. It can also lower the risk of preterm labour and conditions that slow a baby’s growth.
These are only three ways in which our prenatal yoga classes at Shanti are improving the health of moms and babies. With the help of Flora, a traditional birth assistant, Shanti is able to provide prenatal yoga classes every Thursday.


Looking to take action and join our upcoming retreat? Learn more about our Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training!

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