Teen Health Education

Empowering Youth

Shanti’s Teen Health and Education Program empowers youth with the skills, knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions about their reproductive health. Youth 9 to 19 years old attend three days of immersive and dynamic workshops taught by Shanti’s skilled health workers.



  • 50% of girls in the Luwero District are married before their 18th birthday
  • 1 in 4 girls in Uganda have one child by their 18th birthday
  • 60% of girls in Uganda miss school because of their periods
  • Lack of reproductive health education within the government school system


What is covered?

  • Why girls matter
  • Gender roles and inequality
  • Puberty, menstruation, hygiene and dispelling myths about periods
  • Forming healthy relationships
  • Sexual harassment, assault and rape
  • Family planning and avoiding early pregnancy
  • HIV/AIDs and STI prevention, education and awareness
  • Leadership, goal setting and career planning
  • Character and life skills development
  • How to make a reusable menstrual pad



  • Empower girls to achieve their goals and reach their full potential
  • Stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and STIs
  • Decrease the number of teen pregnancies in Uganda
  • Spread awareness about gender equality and women’s rights
  • Equip girls to be decision makers