Robina - Income Generating Group

Robina Nalongo Textile Leader

  The animated leader of Shanti’s textiles group, goes by many names that are often called joyously across the Shanti grounds; for example, Mama Picot, in reference to the daughter named for Shanti volunteer and textiles group trainer Picot Allen […]

Rose Nansubuga

Rose is, at 46 years, the reigning eldest member of Shanti’s vibrant textile group.

Babirye Teopista

Always with a gentle smile, Babirye is a strong and quiet presence in the textiles team.

Daisy - Income Generating Group

Daisy Nakiganda

Daisy, 36 yrs, spends many afternoons a week in Shanti’s thatched hut, with her sewing machine whirring and her feet pumping; her dedication to the group evident.

Jesca - Income Generating Group

Jesca Nakabugo

Jesca, a member of Shanti’s textiles group, has the distinction of being born on Uganda’s Independence Day in 1969.

Prossy - Women's Income Generating Group

Prossy Nalubega

Prossy, 40 yrs, has recently transitioned from the beading to the textiles collective.

Agnes- Women's Income Generating Group

Agnes Nakyanzi

Agnes, 46 yrs, is a lovely presence at WIGG meetings, often with her hair wrapped up in a soft velvet headdress.

Agnes - Women's Income Generating Group

Rachael Nakazzi

Rachael, who has recently transitioned from the beading to the textiles collective, is the mother of four vibrant girls, ranging in age from 26 to 10 years.