Yvvone - Women's Income Generating Group

Yvonne Ssensuma Beading Group Leader

Yvonne, 51yrs, is Shanti’s diligent and indefatigable beading group leader; she’s never one to miss an opportunity for growth and improvement, and always has at least two or three business projects on the go, besides her invaluable work for Shanti.

Hadijah - Women's Income Generating Group

Hadijah Nassuna

Hadijah, 41 yrs, is a dedicated member of our beading group.

Veronica - Women's Income Generating Group

Veronica Nampa

Although Veronica, or ‘Vero’ as the group sometimes calls her, is only able to sign her signature with an inked thumbprint, the 46 yr old widow approaches every opportunity with a dedication that is impressive.

Rose - Women's Income Generating Group

Rose Nakyazi

Rose, is a member of our beading group and also a neighbour of the Shanti volunteers – she lives just down the road from the volunteer home!

Edith - Women's Income Generating Group

Edith Namula

Edith, is one of the more petite members of our beading group. She is 50 years old, and proudly states she was born January 8th, 1962!

Teopista - Women's Income Generating Group

Teopista Nakate

Teopista, is a member of our beading group, and is rarely seen around Shanti without her youngest son, 13 month old Christopher.