Yvonne Ssensuma

Yvvone - Women's Income Generating Group

Yvonne, 51yrs, is Shanti’s diligent and indefatigable beading group leader; she’s never one to miss an opportunity for growth and improvement, and always has at least two or three business projects on the go, besides her invaluable work for Shanti.

Her current projects include a small business renting chairs and decorating for parties, as well as selling local vitamins and cosmetics. She has been a widow since 2001 and is the proud mother of two girls and two boys, ranging in age from 17yrs to 33yrs, as well as three young grandchildren. In her own household, right near Kasana’s bustling market, she supports one of these grandchildren as well as her own youngest daughter.
Yvonne is not originally from Luwero District but migrated here from Mityana, with her husband. She will proudly tell you that she spent 14 years in school, and her strong English and business skills are proof positive. On buying days, Yvonne is a key player, helping with record keeping and eager to learn computer skills.
GOALS: In the longer term, she believes the next good business venture would be to start a wholesale and retail shop for hardware. Given her successes to date, it’s likely that she’s already three steps towards planning the shop!