Trine Rasmussen

Trine - Our Staff

8 years ago, Trine left Denmark and went to Uganda for the first time and fell in love with the country. Over the years she has returned to Uganda for shorter periods and has travelled all over Uganda.

In October 2013, she moved to Northern Uganda working with Forum Theatre and Advocacy targeting youth and raising their voices in the local communities. In November 2014, she joined the Shanti Uganda team as the Project Coordinator.
Trine has previously worked a year in Burundi and has worked with Children’s right, HIV/AIDS, Communication for Development, Peace and Reconcilliation, Advocacy and Forum Theatre. Trine holds a Master’s degree in African Studies from the University of Copenhagen and spends a lot of time reading and exploring African Literature. Doing community work is what makes her feel alive and you will often find her in deep conversations about Uganda or with a book in her hand.
Trine is excited to be working for Shanti Uganda and working to improve infant and maternal health and women’s empowerment.