Teopista Nakate

Teopista - Women's Income Generating Group

Teopista, is a member of our beading group, and is rarely seen around Shanti without her youngest son, 13 month old Christopher.

She is a 35 year old widow, and also has two older teenaged children that live with their father’s mother in a distant town since their father passed away. Teopista was born in a small village called Kanyogoga, near Shanti, and attended school up until the primary 4 level.
With the money she has earned from Shanti, she is supporting herself and Christopher. Surprisingly entrepreneurial, she has as also has started a small business selling tomatoes and chapatti locally to generate some more income.
GOALS: Teopista wants to be able to grow her business and to save money for school fees for when Christopher is ready for school; equipping him with an education for a bright future.