Rose Nakyazi

Rose - Women's Income Generating Group

Rose, is a member of our beading group and also a neighbour of the Shanti volunteers – she lives just down the road from the volunteer home!

She is 45 years old and has been a widow for 10 years. Raising a small family by Ugandan standards, she has two children, 1 boy (20 years) and 1 girl (15 years). They are still living with her.
Born and raised in Kasana, Rose was not able to attend school. She faced a common hurdle for Ugandan women when her parents refused to pay school fees for their daughters. Her brothers were able to attend school but they sadly did not live long lives.
GOALS: Rose dreams of being able to buy her own land with the money she earns from Shanti. Her current house is a rental and she fears that the owners will be repossessing it soon!