Robina Nalongo

Robina - Income Generating Group


The animated leader of Shanti’s textiles group, goes by many names that are often called joyously across the Shanti grounds; for example, Mama Picot, in reference to the daughter named for Shanti volunteer and textiles group trainer Picot Allen is a testament to her deep connection with Shanti.

You will also hear her being summoned as Nalongo, meaning mother of twins since she has recently given birth to two baby girls, Babirye and Nakato. All told she has five children, Picot, the twins, as well as two school aged boys. Her husband works locally as an operator, and together they have built a warm and welcoming home not far from Shanti’s Birth House.

Robina migrated to Luwero district from the distant Mbarara district. She attended school through her secondary years, and has the English skills to prove it. Although modest and occasionally self-deprecating, Robina’s determination to succeed is strong.

Goals: She would like to open a shop selling a range of things from her own bags and crafts to sugar & salt basics.