Rachael Nakazzi

Agnes - Women's Income Generating Group

Rachael, who has recently transitioned from the beading to the textiles collective, is the mother of four vibrant girls, ranging in age from 26 to 10 years.

Rachel herself is 43 years old and has been a widow since 2005. All of her girls attended or are currently in school; some were even able to finish higher levels of secondary education. Rachael is also a grandmother to four young grandchildren. In her own house she supports her two youngest children as well as three of the four grandchildren.
She recounts a terrible incident where her 2nd grandchild suffered a burn from hot porridge; at the time the money earned from Shanti helped her pay for essential medical treatment. Besides this emergency money, Shanti is the source of most of the income for her family but she does get a small amount from selling produce from her garden at times.
GOALS: When asked what she’d like to do in the future, she describes several plans, from building a chicken house to improving the quality of her own home.