Prossy Nalubega

Prossy - Women's Income Generating Group

Prossy, 40 yrs, has recently transitioned from the beading to the textiles collective.

She could fool you with her stern looks sometimes, but don’t get us wrong, she’s got a great smile when it comes out to greet you. Prossy has a family of six children, two boys and four girls that range in age from 18 to 8 years old. Her eldest child is married, so Prossy counts herself as a “Jaja” to a small baby also living in her own household.
Before Shanti, Prossy was only able to raise money by digging and labouring in a garden; now she is able to support her family with the money she earns from Shanti. A dedicated worker, she is meticulous on buying days, noting down each of the items that she’s sold in a small exercise notebook and bringing that information to the next day to compare her progress.
Prossy is not a native of the area, having come to Luwero District from Singo when she was six. Although she’s been here ever since, she is still currently renting her house;
GOALS: Prossy hopes to save the money she’s making with Shanti to purchase a plot of land where she can build a more permanent home to house her family.