Nabimuli Ritah Musoke

Born into a family of environmentalists, Ritah has been an agriculturalist almost from birth. Both her parents were enthusiastic gardeners and herbalists; she learned her skills from her father who worked in Forestry in Masaka.

After completing secondary school, she followed in her father’s footsteps studying Forestry at St Mugagga Farm School, and later earning herself a diploma from ViAgro Forestry. Ritah has always been eager to share her knowledge; this is particularly evident when she speaks about herbs and traditional remedies with such passion. She is a teacher by nature, and worked for seven years with the Uganda Indigenous Women’s Club. At UIWC, she taught and performed research on soil and water conservation, as well as worked on projects surrounding food security. She now works closely with Shanti Uganda as an agriculture advisor and provides sustainable gardening and nutrition workshops to Shanti beneficiaries.

Ritah is the proud mother of 5 girls, Favor, Blessing, Praise, Grace and the last born Noela Mircale, who was born in December 2015.