Lule Florence

Sister Florence comes to Shanti Uganda with many years in the Maternal Health Care field under her belt. She started by earning her Midwifery Degree in 1970, and in 1975 as a Public Health Nurse.

Since then she has worked out of many sub-district health centres and hospitals in Luwero District. During her career, she has not only practiced as a Midwife, but has trained TBA’s, organized health education workshops in homes, schools and clinics, and has worked in the village providing home visits and follow up appointments to pre and post natal mothers. Living only a short distance from the Shanti site, Sister Florence is very happy to be helping people so close to home. She is also excited about learning new things from Shanti Uganda including yoga, birth positions, and herbal remedies and believes that these holistic birth practices will help the Midwives and their clients have a positive birth experience. With five children and five grandchildren, Sister Florence often has a busy household. She says that playing with her grand babies keeps her young and has been enjoying teaching them yoga!

Sister Florence boasts that one of the joys in her life has been seeing all of the babies she has delivered grow into wonderful people.