Kristen Porter


Kristen served as President on Shanti Uganda’s Board of Directors from 2008-2010, and later as Project Coordinator in Uganda. As Project Coordinator Kristen facilitated the development of Shanti Uganda’s programs, and coordinated the opening of Shanti Maternity and Learning Centre.

Kristen is passionate about transformative education, human rights, social justice, and participatory community development. She has taught and held leadership positions at schools and nonprofits throughout Canada, Africa, and Southeast Asia. She holds a BA in both Educational Studies, and International Development. She has taken courses in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Social Change, and recently completed graduate courses in Peace Education at the United Nations mandated University for Peace.

Since leaving Uganda, Kristen has remained an advisor to The Shanti Uganda Society. She is happy once again to be living in BC, where she can serve on the Board of Directors.