Jesca Nakabugo

Jesca - Income Generating Group

Jesca, a member of Shanti’s textiles group, has the distinction of being born on Uganda’s Independence Day in 1969.

Now at 40 yrs and a widow, she’s seen her share of history since that monumental day in the country’s history. She herself has two teenage daughters, 19 and 14, and counts herself blessed to be a “Jaja” to a 3 month old grandchild. In her household, she looks after her younger daughter as well as her brother’s three year old son and her sister’s 12 year old daughter.
Born and raised in Luwero District, in a small village called Kyegombwa, she is proud of Shanti and her involvement with the textiles group, because it has allowed her to pay school fees for all of the children in her household. In addition to her Shanti responsibilities, she also runs a small bar in a neighboring district.
GOALS: Her ambition is to be able to raise enough money to build a sturdy house for all her family.