Hadijah Nassuna

Hadijah - Women's Income Generating Group

Hadijah, 41 yrs, is a dedicated member of our beading group.

A widow since the birth of her youngest child six years ago, she’s the matriarch of a large family that includes five sons, two daughters, and four grandchildren. This brood is supported entirely by the money Hadijah can make from her strong beading efforts; a strength reflected in the consistently impressive merchandise that Hadijah brings to each buying day.
Although she was born in nearby Bugerere, her mother and other family are from right here in Luwero district. Hadijah was able to attend school until the end of Primary 5, roughly the equivalent of grade 5, but her dreams are not bounded by this educational limitation.
GOALS: She dreams to open a shop in the market where she can sell clothing and continue to support her children and grandchildren.