Edith Namula

Edith - Women's Income Generating Group

Edith, is one of the more petite members of our beading group. She is 50 years old, and proudly states she was born January 8th, 1962!

A widow since 1998, she has raised a family of four strapping sons that range in age from 30 to 20 years. Two of these boys are twins, which means Edith can also be called Nalongo, or mother of twins. Even more amazingly, one of her sons himself has twins. This succession of twins gives Edith the unique position of being Nalongo Mama Salongo, or “Mother of Twins, who is also the mother of a Father with twins.” It’s easier to say in Luganda for sure!
To support her large family of twins and the like, she counts on the money she makes from Shanti, as well as a small business of raising pigs. Her expression darkens and she recounts an unfortunate tale of how someone stole several of her grown pigs. Ever persevering, she’s just bought 2 piglets to start again.
GOALS: In the long run, she wishes to buy a plot of land and build a house where she can have her children with her, because that would help them save money they would otherwise be spending on rent.