Agnes Nakyanzi

Agnes- Women's Income Generating Group

Agnes, 46 yrs, is a lovely presence at WIGG meetings, often with her hair wrapped up in a soft velvet headdress.

She has recently transitioned from the beading to the textiles collective and is one of the few WIGG members to have attended secondary school. Although shy about her skills, she can understand quite a bit of English if you’re paying attention.
Her nine children range in age from 23 years to 7 years and consist of three boys and six girls, all either attending or finished school. In total, Agnes and her husband support 10 children in their household, which include a mix of their own, some grandchildren, and some of her husband’s own from a previous marriage.
To supplement the money she earns with Shanti, her husband works as a driver and a coach, particularly training athletes in boxing, netball and football at a local school. In addition to this, they also raise animals such as pigs, sheep, and goats.
GOALS: Having already seen the benefits from these animals, she would like to expand her animal raising efforts by building a chicken house.