We provide young women with knowledge and information about their health & bodies and provide opportunities for them to connect and share their challenges.

Teen Girls Health & Empowerment

The Luwero District has a 50% child marriage rate and one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in Sub-Saharan Africa. 60% of girls in Uganda miss school because of their periods. Add to this a lack of reproductive health education within the government school system, and this mixture leaves girls in the local areas with few choices.

Our 3 Day Teen Girls Workshops give participants the skills, education, peer support, role models and life skills they need to live empowered, productive lives. This education allows them to make healthy choices, which contributes to a reduction in early pregnancy. Rights’ training empowers them to build healthy relationships, and make informed decisions.

The workshops are taught by a Shanti Uganda midwife and cover the following:

  • Why girls matter
  • Gender roles and inequality
  • The importance of making friends and building circles of friendship
  • Puberty, menstruation, hygiene and dispelling myths about periods
  • Forming healthy relationships
  • Sexual harassment, assault and rape
  • Family planning and avoiding early pregnancy
  • HIV/AIDs prevention, education and awareness
  • Other STI prevention, education and awareness
  • Leadership, goal setting and career planning
  • How to make a reusable menstrual pad

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Jhamim’s Story 

jhamimMeet Jhamim, a young woman in her Senior 4 year of school (Grade 12), with aspirations of one day becoming a health worker.

 “Ugandans cannot survive without health workers,” explained Jhamim who plans to continue her high school education until Senior 6 so that she can enrol in a nursing course. She is a star-student by all accounts: a head girl and prefect, academically stellar, and the defending champion of the school’s debate team.

Jhamim’s participation in Shanti’s Teen Girls Workshop allowed her to gain newfound knowledge about puberty, nutrition, healthy relationships and role models. Above all, the workshop was able to connect Jhamim with fellow young women leaders, undoubtedly the face of Uganda’s future. When equipped with the right tools and knowledge, together these young women can accomplish anything.