From our solar powered Birth House to our unique Rainwater Harvesting system and community garden, we focus on sustainability from the ground up.


Community Sustainability

Community sustainability can mean many things: At Shanti Uganda, we are committed to partnering with the local community to focus on how sustainability can become a lifestyle. Specifically, we take action on core practices that can be maintained and grow in scale with the community. We focus on three core areas: communal gardening, sustainable agriculture practices, and our solar-powered Birth House.

Communal Gardening

The Shanti Uganda Community Garden acts as a meeting place to unite our staff, mothers, and newborns by providing the Shanti community with a serene setting, sustainable environment, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Focusing on nutrient-rich, local crops that can be sustainably farmed and cooked we grow everything from guavas to beans, bananas to avocados, even coffee and hibiscus. 

Sustainable Agriculture Practices

We make a point not only to grow great food, but to teach about nutrition and health as well. The Garden acts as a venue to engage the local community in health and nutrition workshops led by both our trained Nutritionist and our Head Gardener. The workshops cover topics from healthy eating during pregnancy and home water purification to gardening techniques and sustainable agriculture.

Solar Powered Birth House

The solar powered Birth House uses an innovative rainwater harvesting system built using a sustainable locking brick system. Safe drinking water is provided for all mothers and their families using a Bio-Sand Water Filtration system.

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