Mother Knows Best: Daisy’s Story

During our most recent Teen Girls Workshop this August, we were happy to see two familiar faces: Teddy, 18 and Benah, 14. Daisy, the mother of these two young women has been a member of Shanti’s Women’s Income Generating Group for five years and lives with her daughters four miles from our Birth Centre. Daisy expressed her enthusiasm for the workshop and was pleased her daughters were able to participate. The multi-day workshop was taught by Ritah Musoke, a community member and longtime Shanti team leader.

Daisy with her two daughters Teddy and Benah

Teddy and Benah actively participated in the workshop and were given tools and information on how to better face the many challenges of being a young woman in a safe and encouraging environment. Some topics covered by the workshop included: how to navigate emotional and sexual relationships, reproductive health and positive female role models. This caring mother encouraged her children to participate in the workshop knowing that the focus would be on empowerment and self determination.

At home, after the workshop, Daisy and her daughters discussed what the girls had learned, both from the workshop leader and the other young women in attendance. The girls have always been comfortable with asking questions and learning from their mother, however, Daisy was happy to see her advice reflected in the workshop. She now feels confident that by hearing the information from two different sources, Teddy and Benah have a more solid skill set.

Daisy recalls how she received information about woman’s health from her own mother and aunt. Although she recognizes the importance of family education, she is glad her daughters have multiple outlets and role models to learn from. Daisy is happy that her daughters were able to learn and ask questions in a comfortable environment surrounded by girls who face similar challenges as them.

Learn more about our Teen Girls Program here. 

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