Gifts of Action

Support the healthy delivery of a baby


Every baby deserves to grow up healthy and strong, but without the necessary care and equipment, infant mortality is far too common.  This gift supports the health of a mother and newborn through pre and post natal care.

Literacy, financial and business skills workshop for 20 Women


This gift will provide 20 women affected by HIV/AIDS the skills and training to earn a living and provide for their families.  Empower women and change the future of a community.

Community Agriculture and Nutrition Workshop


Enable the health of a community to thrive through the education of nutrition, sustainable organic gardening techniques, and food preparation.  This gift provides the necessary agriculture training and supplies, empowering the future of the community.

Teen Girls Workshop

Teen Girls Empowerment Workshop for 15 Girls


Empower and enable 15 at risk girls with the information, tools, and role models they need to thrive.  This gift provides all the necessary supplies and resources to educate these amazing individuals with the Life Skills to create a brighter […]