Shanti Uganda Birth Partners are monthly donors who provide consistent care to expectant mothers and their babies.

Become a Monthly Birth Partner

Your monthly donation will support a mother and the safe birth of her newborn baby by providing around the clock midwifery care, pre & postnatal nutrition and education, instructor-­led yoga classes, medical supplies and lab services.

Become a Shanti Uganda birth partner today!

With a severe shortage of doctors across Africa and access to care very limited in rural areas, 1 in 22 women die during childbirth. At the Shanti Uganda Birth House & Clinic in the rural Luweero District of Uganda, our dedicated team of six trained Ugandan midwives are the key to improving birth outcomes and reducing maternal and infant mortality rates in Uganda, but we need your help. Through regular monthly donations, you can help provide essential pre and post­-natal care for 50 mothers per month in rural Uganda; choose to support:

1 Birth Quarterly : $10.00 CAD ­

1 Birth Bi­monthly : $25.00 CAD ­

1 Birth Monthly : $50.00 CAD ­

2 Births Monthly : $100.00 CAD ­

Why monthly donations?

One of the best ways you can help mothers and babies in Uganda is by becoming a Birth Partner as it enables Shanti Uganda to provide consistent levels of support and care for pregnant and birthing women in rural Uganda. Also, regular donations require the least amount of administrative costs on our end, thereby allowing us to stretch every dollar to help as many women as possible, and they allow Shanti Uganda to give us the confidence to invest in long term projects like the Birth House. Help babies have the best start to life: Become a Birth Partner Today! Donors of our Birth Partner program receive:

  •  A Shanti Uganda Thank You E-Card
  •  Birth Partner Program Quarterly Newsletter
  • Tax Receipt for Canadian donors.

Birth Partner Monthly Donation

Please note: Your monthly donor subscription can be canceled at anytime.