Gifts of Action

A Gift of Action is a gift that changes lives. These ethical gifts translate into real action for mothers, babies and families in Uganda.


Gifts of Community

By purchasing a Gift of Community, you will be contributing to our thriving community garden, our sustainable freshwater solution, as well as educating surrounding communities on nutrition and organic gardening methods.

Gifts of Empowerment

By purchasing a Gift of Empowerment, you will be contributing to the skills development and business training to members of our Women’s Income Generating Group. This program is essential in enabling women living with HIV/AIDS to earn a livelihood and support their families.

Gifts of Family

By purchasing a Gift of Family, you will contribute to the necessary health services, pre and post natal care, and support for expecting mothers and their newborn babies. Our program also supports the continued training of our Midwives so they can provide the best care possible.

Gifts of Knowledge

By purchasing a Gift of Knowledge, you will contribute to the empowerment and education of at-risk teen girls. Our program focuses on providing life skills training and prevention of maternal mortality often associated with teen pregnancy. Your gift will change lives.