Gifts of Knowledge

By purchasing a Gift of Knowledge, you will contribute to the empowerment and education of at-risk teen girls. Our program focuses on providing life skills training and prevention of maternal mortality often associated with teen pregnancy. Your gift will change lives.

Empower a Teen Girl


The teen girls workshop provides life skills and education for at-risk girls, empowering them to create a brighter future.

Teen Girls Health Supplies and Education


Maternal mortality is often associated with teen pregnancy.  This gift provides the necessary supplies and education specifically for the health of teen girls.

Education Outreach


Education is out of reach for so many villages and schools due to distance and resources.  Help to bring education to these children, giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Teen Girls Workshop

Teen Girls Empowerment Workshop for 15 Girls


Empower and enable 15 at risk girls with the information, tools, and role models they need to thrive.  This gift provides all the necessary supplies and resources to educate these amazing individuals with the Life Skills to create a brighter […]