Gifts of Family

By purchasing a Gift of Family, you will contribute to the necessary health services, pre and post natal care, and support for expecting mothers and their newborn babies. Our program also supports the continued training of our Midwives so they can provide the best care possible.

Newborn Health Care Services


Support the health of newborns and their families with the necessary medical services during the most crucial point in their lives.

Midwife Training


Our midwives are critical to the delivery and care of expecting mothers.  This gift equips these heroes with the continued training and skills to provide this invaluable service.

Emergency Transport


Complications during pregnancy can easily lead to maternal and infant mortality when the required specialized services are out of reach.  Help to save the precious lives of many with safe emergency transport – when they need it most.

Support the healthy delivery of a baby


Every baby deserves to grow up healthy and strong, but without the necessary care and equipment, infant mortality is far too common.  This gift supports the health of a mother and newborn through pre and post natal care.