Gifts of Community

By purchasing a Gift of Community, you will be contributing to our thriving community garden, our sustainable freshwater solution, as well as educating surrounding communities on nutrition and organic gardening methods.

Provide seeds for our community garden


Provide the seeds for our community garden initiative that improves the health of those in need with fresh organic fruit, vegetables and herbs.   This is a gift that keeps on giving.

Drinking water for mothers and their families


This gift supports our innovative rainwater harvesting system which uses a sustainable locking brick and Bio-Sand filtration system to provide safe drinking water to mothers and their families.

Community Garden Supplies


Our community garden provides fresh vegetables to mothers and newborns, as well as the women in our Women’s Income Generating Group.  This gift provides the tools, fertilizers, and seeds to continue nourishing those most in need.

Community Agriculture and Nutrition Workshop


Enable the health of a community to thrive through the education of nutrition, sustainable organic gardening techniques, and food preparation.  This gift provides the necessary agriculture training and supplies, empowering the future of the community.