Thank You for Loving us

Written by Nagomi Mukai, Production Intern

“Thank you for your hard work”

                          ------“Thank you for loving us”

This was a conversation between me and the textiles women in Shanti's HIV positive Women’s Income Generating Group at the end of m... read more

Inside the Volunteer House

By Claire Gatto- Volunteer Coordinator Intern photoI got lucky with my school agreeing to send me to intern at Shanti this summer. My role as the Volunteer Coordinator turned... read more

Memories from Uganda

Written by Bobby Bessey, B.Sc, Yoga Teacher, Doula 

Over a year has passed since I was in Uganda and I’m very happy to say that I will be returning in the new year. From April 4th – 13th 2014, I will be instructing, along with local Ugandan midwives, the first ever Shakti Yoga Prenatal Teacher Train... read more