10 Years of Doulas: Flora’s Love

  Shanti loves doulas! We were founded by a doula, we work with doulas, and we spend one week every year collaborating with doulas during our training retreats. The work they do—the emotional and physical support they provide b... read more

#10YearsOfMoms for Mother’s Day 2018

At Shanti, we believe that #MomsMatter and have mothers at the foundation of our organization - that is why we so look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day each year with our community. This year, as we celebrate #10YearsofImpact, we’ve decided to follow up on moms who have given birth at the Shanti Uganda Birth House, both recently and not-so-recently,... read more

Sustainability at Shanti: Our Top 10 Photos

Sustainability and community are core values of ours at Shanti, and we are especially excited to be celebrating them during the month of April and Earth Day (Sunday, April 22nd). The fact that 2018 has us celebrating a milestone anniversary of #10YearsofImpact and #10YearsofSustainability makes this all the more special for us. It has been exciting to watch our c... read more

A Heartfelt Welcome to María Wong

2018 is indeed a year of change and growth for Shanti Uganda - as we celebrate #10YearsofImpact we are experiencing a change of leadership, with our Founder Natalie stepping out of the Executive Director role and onto the Board of Directors to support our mission and vision from there. While all of our staff will dearly miss working with Natalie day-to-day, we ar... read more

Celebrating #10YearsofImpact

2018 is a special year for us here at Shanti - 10 years ago this year, we began our journey to serve women and families in Uganda. This anniversary has given us an opportunity to reflect on our growth, impact, and all that we have learned over the years. So much of what we have accomplished is because of the support we have received, and as a way of thanking you, we are delighted to start off o... read more

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Uganda

Uganda is known to many as ‘The Pearl of Africa’ for it’s magnificence, variety of form and colour, and profusion of brilliant life. Winston Churchill’s words in 1908 still ring true today, and we here at Shanti are privileged to experience Uganda at its best every day. To give you idea of what you can expect visiting Uganda on a Shanti retreat, we list the top 5 reasons to visit Uganda. read more

Long Roads Ahead

By Madelaine Thiel Development and Partnership Coordinator My time at Shanti is coming to an end! I can’t believe I will be leaving next week. It has been an incredible four months.  I remember thinking I had forever to spend here back in January.  With a departure date looming I am suddenly wondering where all the time has gone. There is so much left to do here before I leave. ... read more