Birth is not painful. Women are strong.

Written by volunteer Monitoring and Evaluations intern Julia Keast  

“Ekyama kyetulina mu buwangwa bwaffe kiri nti okuzaaia tekuiuma wabuia abakyaia bamaanyi”

This quote greets clients and visitors as they enter Shanti Uganda’s reception area, and when I first arrived I curiously asked Sister... read more

Fuel your Passion- Join Shanti Uganda’s 2014 Doula/Midwifery Training

Written by a midwifery student who participated in Shanti Uganda's Doula Training in 2013.   I was one of the very fortunate women to travel to Shanti last October with Jane and I cannot express in words how transformative, humbling, and amazing the trip was. When I first learned about the trip my heart almost leapt out of my chest because I knew it was the opportunity I had been long... read more

Becoming a Birth Partner

Published with the permission from Birth Partner, Nicolette JacobszIMG_0219   I am so glad I can be of some help to moms in Uganda. I am from South Africa origin... read more

Join Shanti Uganda in Celebrating #MothersMonth

By May 11th, midwives at the Shanti Uganda Birth Centre in Luwero will have safely and lovingly supported nearly 500 mothers give birth to healthy babies. In a country that loses 16 mothers everyday due to preventable birth related complications that is an achievement worth celebrating. In admiration of all our courageous mothers, Shanti Uganda declares Ma... read more

Becoming a Birth Partner

Published with permission from Birth Partner, Cathy Rose DSCN0994I have just signed up to be a birth partner.  I am doing this to honour my mother, Adelia Rose, who sp... read more

Something Inspiring

By Cara Stephenson- Monitoring and Evaluations Intern Shanti Uganda held our Teen Girls Workshop during the September school holidays. As usual, the girls engaged and enjoyed the sessions we gave on an a vast array of topics, varying from reusable pad making to navigating healthy relationships, and everything in between affecting the health of young women in Uganda.

Positions of Change

Written by Julia Hagedorn, volunteer midwife from Germany 

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world!” -Nelson Mandela- ???????????????????????????????

Memories from Uganda

Written by Bobby Bessey, B.Sc, Yoga Teacher, Doula 

Over a year has passed since I was in Uganda and I’m very happy to say that I will be returning in the new year. From April 4th – 13th 2014, I will be instructing, along with local Ugandan midwives, the first ever Shakti Yoga Prenatal Teacher Train... read more