An Introduction to Uganda

Written by Emma Young, Volunteer Midwife

Stepping off the plane in Entebbe, sweaty and not appropriately dressed for the heat having left a cold British winter, I am greeted by a smiling Hanne and Ben. I have absolutely no expectations for this trip and am happy to keep an open mind about everything I see and do here in Uganda. We first stop in Kampala, the capit... read more

First Impressions

Written by Hanne Tvedt, Assistant Project Coordinator

I arrived in Uganda about three weeks ago, and the first three weeks have been interesting, challenging, and fun! I can’t believe it has been three weeks already. I have a growing fear that my months here are going to go by way too quickly.

Even though I have been to Uganda ... read more

Smiles and Serious Business

Written by Cora Xiao, Business Intern cora2

Long overdue, but here it is: my first real official blog posting. I arrived at Shanti about a month and a half ago with... read more

Made in Uganda with Love

Written by Nagomi Mukai, Production intern

Having grown up in a city in Japan, I never really appreciated products or things I would see in stores beyond seeing them on the shelf. In other words, I never felt any personal connection to the production side of each item. Thanks to new technology, geographic distance does not matt... read more

Final Reflections

Written by Cora Xiao, Business Intern Now in the last week of my internship with Shanti, reflecting back on my beginning at Shanti is quite interesting. Over the course of my three months here, small changes have happened without my being aware of how much their accumulation has changed me. Having worked and lived with both locals and other interns from abroad, I’ve had my understanding of cul... read more