Contemporary Uganda

by Rebecca Bell, Assistant Project Coordinator Contemporary Uganda is a globalizing Uganda. It is a place where you can get traditionally made matooke or a cheese pizza at the local restaurant, Stoneys ginger soda or Coke zero, or see a Hollywood or Bollywood movie at the cinema (and get your Nollywood fix on television). Even in the most remote villages, the influence of the outside world is ... read more

Everyday Living

by Madelaine Thiel, Development and Partnerships intern I am well into my internship at Shanti Uganda and I can’t believe how fast the time is flying by.  Ugandan time is “loose” at best and one loses track of time as the heat stretches out the hours.  Then the sun sets and before you know it, it is dark within 30 minutes.

Chai with Sarah

247878_218729851490709_4419166_n         by Dena Thomas, Monitoring and Evaluations Intern.   Labo... read more


By: Rebecca Bell , Assistant Project Coordinator
It has been a busy first three weeks here at Shanti. Amidst the unavoidable culture shock, name learning and sunburns, there is work to be done. The other interns here are phenomenal: inspiring, committed and hard working. We discuss the challenges we face, laugh over the staff’s antics, and share nightly pineapples... read more