Introducing Jane Drichta: Our Doula Training Instructor!

It is our pleasure and honour to introduce the one and only: Jane Drichta! We are thrilled to have Jane lead our Doula Training and Retreat in Uganda from October 10th- October 19th. With a resume that is second to […]

Long Roads Ahead

By Madelaine Thiel Development and Partnership Coordinator My time at Shanti is coming to an end! I can’t believe I will be leaving next week. It has been an incredible four months.  I remember thinking I had forever to spend […]

Ugandan Medical System

by Madelaine Thiel Development and Partnership Coordinator I have had some personal experience with the Ugandan medical system.  I was hit by a motorcycle some weeks back and I am on the mends, but saw some interesting aspects of the […]

Mother’s day: Tears and gratitude

By Emilie Salomons Dr. TCM, FABORM Tonight I attended a screening of a documentary film called ‘Sister’, hosted by Shanti Uganda, and then moderated a panel on preventable maternal and infant mortality. The film ‘Sister’ tells the story of health workers from […]

Contemporary Uganda

by Rebecca Bell, Assistant Project Coordinator Contemporary Uganda is a globalizing Uganda. It is a place where you can get traditionally made matooke or a cheese pizza at the local restaurant, Stoneys ginger soda or Coke zero, or see a […]

Chai with Shanti’s Women

        by Dena Thomas, Monitoring and Evaluations Intern When working on development projects in countries like Uganda, I am constantly amazed by the assortment of people I meet from around the world with interesting stories and backgrounds. […]

Everyday Living

by Madelaine Thiel, Development and Partnerships intern I am well into my internship at Shanti Uganda and I can’t believe how fast the time is flying by.  Ugandan time is “loose” at best and one loses track of time as […]

Chai with Sarah

        by Dena Thomas, Monitoring and Evaluations Intern.   Laboratory Medicine is one of the most common – if not the most common modality used for the diagnoses of patients entering a health care facility. Even in […]