A message from our Founder, Natalie Angell-Besseling

Natalie and her husband Nic during the construction of the Birth House in 2009

Dear Friends,

In January 2018, Shanti Uganda celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary! Every day, we work to improve maternal and infant health throughout Uganda and to date, we have raised $1,500,000 towards maternal and infant health, supported over 1300 births and impacted 46,000 lives.

In the last year, we saw a 123% increase in revenue, substantial program growth and launched our Grand Challenges Canada funded Propelling Motherhood project which is seeing great results. Our leadership team in Vancouver and Canada is stronger than ever and we have begun our multi-year strategy to develop our Ugandan leadership capacity.

Similar to motherhood and the goals we have for our children, my goal as Shanti Uganda’s Founder has always been to build the organization to the point where I can step away from the day to day work and move to the sidelines to support our team to take the vision and work forward. In February, Shanti Uganda will welcome our new Executive Director and I look forward to introducing you in the weeks to follow.

This transition of leadership has been a multi-year plan and part of our overall leadership strategy in Vancouver and Uganda. February will see a strong cross-over period between myself and our new Executive Director followed by ongoing support as we begin the next era of leadership for Shanti Uganda.

I will continue to work closely with the organization as a Board Member and advocate and look forward to future trips to Uganda to celebrate the ongoing growth of our organization.

Please know what an impact your involvement has had and will continue to have on an entire community in Uganda. Our model of care is like no other and has the capacity to change the face of maternal health throughout Uganda.


Natalie Angell-Besseling
Founder, The Shanti Uganda Society

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