Something Inspiring

By Cara Stephenson- Monitoring and Evaluations Intern Shanti Uganda held our Teen Girls Workshop during the September school holidays. As usual, the girls engaged and enjoyed the sessions we gave on an a vast array of topics, varying from reusable […]

Inside the Volunteer House

By Claire Gatto- Volunteer Coordinator Intern I got lucky with my school agreeing to send me to intern at Shanti this summer. My role as the Volunteer Coordinator turned out to be an on-going lesson about how to live and […]

19 Lessons from Living and Learning in Uganda

By: Claire Gatto- Volunteer Coordinator Intern 1. Talking about your bowel movements creates an instant connection with fellow travellers. 2. Get used to kids and often men, yelling “Mzungu!” (white person) at you. 3. The fine balance between drinking enough […]

Positions of Change

Written by Julia Hagedorn, volunteer midwife from Germany  “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world!” -Nelson Mandela- In February the awesome Shanti midwives attended my workshop about birth positions.  The staff was keen to […]