Volunteer in Uganda! Apply today for a Shanti Internship!

Check out our available year-round internships in Uganda! CLICK HERE! Here are Ten Things One Volunteer learned during Six Months in Uganda! By Jillian Rutherford: Women’s Income Generating Group Coordinator Don’t bring so many socks. You won’t need them. Twelve pairs […]

Milly’s Week at the Workshop: a personal story of empowerment

By Nicole Belanger: Monitoring and Evaluation Intern It is 5am on a Monday morning and Milly, an 18 year old girl from Lusenke village, rises and goes about starting her day. This morning however is different than any ordinary day.  […]

A different kind of birth…

by Midwife Peggy Thurston Harriet arrived at the Shanti Uganda Birth House in the middle of the night on a motorcycle driven by her husband. Her contractions had started around 10 o’clock that night and, this being her first baby, she felt […]